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Permanent jobs

In a career there are times when a change is appropriate. Yet solutions are not always obvious or attractive. Therefore we invite you to meet our consultants, even if have not yet decided whether you want to take up a new professional challenge. Our consultants consider it their first duty to listen to you and to provide advice if you need it. Lexius Staffing indeed wants to build a relationship based on objective advice and mutual trust.

New job

Naturally, Lexius Staffing is also happy to help you if you are looking for another position. For the reasons set out elsewhere, certain positions are not published on our website.

Even if this is so, we invite you to contact us, as we look forward to meeting you.

Interim management

Interim management is attractive for many reasons. Maybe it's the huge variety in job content, in colleagues or employers that attracts you? Perhaps it allows you to bridge a quieter period at your firm?

Maybe you do not wish to work during the summer months? Or, else, you have decided to change jobs, but you wish to discover different work environments before making up your mind? In all such cases, project management will help you to achieve your objectives.

Executive search

Executive Searches concern partner, general counsel, head of taxation head or head of compliance positions. You will find a limited number of those positions on our pages. The vast majority of these searches is not published. If you are either of the above and you wish to take up a new professional challenge, it is recommended to contact Lexius Staffing.

For this kind of positions, the guiding principle is that of the "reverse search": Lexius Staffing does not search for the right profile to fit a vacancy, but it actively looks for an adequate new working environment for the partner, general counsel, head of taxation or head of compliance.

Reversed search

The discretion that we observe in all searches, applies a fortiori to these positions. This concerns not only the mere fact that a partner, general counsel, head of taxation or head or other compliance looks for another challenge. It also means that your identity is not disclosed without your prior express agreement and only if the parties have confirmed their mutual interest.

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