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Who are we?

Lexius Staffing is an undertaking with a mission: to fill your legal, fiscal and compliance vacancies quickly and efficiently. It is the market leader in searches for tax and fiscal profiles in Belgium and Luxembourg. This is also true for legal searches, both for permanent and interim positions.

If you undertake a project which requires intense legal support, if one of the members of your legal team is out for reasons of illness, pregnancy or other, if you are facing a document review or a peak in legal work, Lexius Staffing will provide you with highly qualified legal personnel for the duration of the project/replacement.

Permanent jobs

Our consultants have many years of experience in select law firms, notary offices, tax consultancies and / or in the business world. This ensures a thorough understanding of the market and an extensive network within the legal community.

Moreover, Lexius Staffing maintains permanent contacts with key figures from the legal, fiscal and business world, allowing us the keep informed of the latest market developments. For this reason, Lexius Staffing has become a reference in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Interim management

Lexius Staffing has a pool of highly qualified legal, fiscal and compliance staff who are at your disposal for shorter or longer assignments within your company or office or remotely.


If we have not yet had the pleasure of working with you, during a first encounter, we take the necessary time to gain the fullest understanding possible of your organisation, its corporate culture and your specific needs in relation to the vacancy to fill. The better our understanding of your company or firm, the better Lexius Staffing is able to help you fill the vacancy or to present the ideal project manager.

Shortly afterwards you will receive a description of the required profile for your approval.


For the search itself, Lexius Staffing relies on its high-performance database containing a record of the competencies, skills and availability of the candidates. Alongside this consultation, it will launch an active market search involving its vast network.

An intensive interview is staged with each suitable candidate to identify objective factors such as performance during academic training, technical knowledge and language skills, but also subjective factors such as personality characteristics, reasons why a candidate wishes to leave his current employer and motives for wanting to work for one of our clients.


You decide how often you wish to be kept informed of the progress of the search. Lexius Staffing welcomes a regular and informal communication. In the case of interim management, we will take the liberty to contact you one month after the start of the project to inquire about the progress of the project and the role of the interim manager that we suggested.

If you so desire, Lexius Staffing  can organise an additional assessment in a specialised centre.

Depending on your preferences, you can await the completion of the selection process and the shortlist of suitable candidates we will provide you with or you can opt to meet suitable candidates as and when we select them.

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