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Whenever you are confronted with temporary vacancies in legal positions Lexius Staffing can supply you with legal interim professionals that are available for shorter or longer assignments. All our legal interims have a professional legal background both in education and in working experience. Of course some are more specialized and experienced than others. It all depends on the specific position which interim legal will fit the bill.

Why hiring a legal interim?

It all depends on your particular situation. We come across many situations where a legal interim professional is more suitable than a permanent contract candidate or an outside professional. Here are some examples:

1. A sudden vacancy
Sometimes your current legal advisor leaves the company without proper notice or will be suddenly absent due to illness or internal projects that require too much attention elsewhere. There are numerous reasons why you could be confronted with a sudden vacancy. Finding the right candidate to fulfill this vacancy will take time and in the meantime a legal interim may fill in the gap. Until the return of your current legal professional one of our legal interims can function in his or hers place until he or she will eventually return to the position.

2. In need of additional legal support
Some projects require additional legal support. Hiring outside legal help from law firms is always an option. When the project requires a relative longer period of support hiring a legal interim is another option. One can think of crisis situations, M&A projects, legal studies et cetera.

3. Professional  legal support and advice at short notice
In some cases legal support is needed at the shortest possible notice during a specific time. By hiring an experienced legal interim you will be able to secure professional legal support within a matter of days, depending on the profile. Within our legal interim pool you will find legal specialists with many years of experience. These professionals are used to add value without much of preparation for the job.

4. An unbiased view from a professional
In some cases, especially in the course of complex legal issues an objective view from an outsider is welcomed. In these cases customers can opt for the expertise of a lawyer from a law firm. In some cases the duration of the project is too long or the complexity calls for a more intense cooperation. Adding one or more legal interim professionals to the team might just be the right solution.

Junior & senior legal interims

We provide legal interim solutions for most legal specialisations and on all levels of seniority. Our customers are law firms, consultancy firms, financial institutions and international companies. Lexius Staffing operates from offices in Brussels and Luxemburg but our legal interims come from all regions in Belgium and Luxemburg. In most cases we can match legal interims from your region to your needed positions.

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