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December 2015 Newsletter

Sharing some toughts about 2015 ......
and looking ahead at 2016.

With only a few weeks to go before Christmas and the New Year, Lexius Staffing would like to take a few moments to share with you some thoughts about the past year as well as about the year to come. 

Looking back 

2015 has been the year in which the legal and tax market have fully recovered. As a result, the profiles that Lexius Staffing has been searching for have been typically associated with an upcycle trend, including more corporate & commercial profiles, IP/ICT and real estate with less litigation and labour law profiles than a year earlier. The number of search mandates increased substantially compared to a year earlier.

Tax searches traditionally are a stronghold of Lexius Staffing and also over 2015 Lexius Staffing has seen a surge in its tax searches. It confirmed its market leadership in this market.

Lexius Staffing also confirmed its position as executive search firm active in high end searches. It executed more head of legal, tax or compliance searches and/or partner searches than any other firm active in the tax and legal niche.

Looking ahead at 2016

Lexius Staffing looks forward to 2016 as a year in which it will seek to sustain its strong growth. It anticipates taking on further great consultants, as it did in 2015. It also is undertaking an ambitious renovation programme of its Brussels premises. After 19 months (!) of examinations, meetings, lost files, random procedures and a lot of wasted time generally, the Brussels city hall administration managed to finally deliver a building permit.

Transformation works at the Brussels office

The renovation program to be undertaken over the course of the next year should enable Lexius Staffing to receive its candidates in the best possible conditions. Additional meeting rooms will ensure that several interviews can be conducted simultaneously. The garden will become an extension of the building, with a 4m high glass wall separating the two. Internal walls will also largely be made of glass, mirroring the transparency yet discreetness Lexius Staffing stands for. Daylight will be brought into the heart of the edifice. All of this in a minimalist and highly functional setting.
Here you will get a sneak preview of what the Brussels Lexius Staffing premises will look like in about half a year.

Our Social expansion

Finally, Lexius Staffing is further expanding its footprint in the social media, notably also on Linkedin, to communicate with an ever wider audience. Since early November 2015, it passed the threshold of 13000 legal and tax contacts! With over 2000 followers, the Lexius Staffing Linkedin Company page is also by far the most popular in its sector. Lexius Staffing considers these contacts as so many signs of the trust and faith you, our candidates and clients, put in us. It makes us humble and very grateful and inspires us to continue in ever improving the services we offer!

Best wishes to all!

On this note, the Lexius Staffing team wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas, a relaxing end of the year among family and friends and good health and prosperity in the new year in which we look forward to work with and for you with ever more enthusiasm!



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